Code of conduct

Purpose of this Code of Conduct for Suppliers / Customers INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A.

(this “Code of Conduct for Suppliers / Clients”) is to create a dialogue and partnership with suppliers / clients to ensure that they accept and support the International Charter of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the UN Convention against Corruption, highlighted in the United Nations Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises and the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights.

INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. is committed to respect the fundamental principles of human rights, the right to work, the environment and the fight against corruption in the course of its work.

1. Relationship between INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. and its suppliers / customers

INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. strives to build long-term and stable relationships with its entire supply base, including suppliers / customers of goods and services, contractors, distributors and agencies, hereinafter referred to as “suppliers / customers”, in cooperation with which we systematically develop products and services our. This Supplier / Customer Code of Conduct applies to all business relationships between INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. and its suppliers / customers. INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. all suppliers / customers are expected to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. Suppliers / customers must comply with all laws and regulations governing their activities and INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. suppliers / customers and their sub-suppliers / customers are expected to comply with this Supplier / Customer Code of Conduct, even if it sets a higher standard than required by law.

INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. expects its suppliers / customers to:

1.1. Labor and human rights

Health and safety

  • Identify and assess health and safety risks and minimize their impact by implementing contingency plans; 
  • Ensure that all employees are protected from exposure to potential health and safety hazards; 
  • Ensure that relevant and functional personal protective equipment is provided to all employees;
  • Implement procedures and systems to manage, track and report occupational injuries and illnesses; 
  • Ensure that relevant first aid kits are easily accessible; 
  • Ensure that employees do not work under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol. 

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

  • Ensure that freedom of association is protected and recognize the right of its employees to collective bargaining.

Zero tolerance for child labor and forced labor

  • Not to use or support any form of child labor; 
  • Establish a system to ensure that no child is employed, including the systematic verification and keeping of copies of age verification documents for all new employees. The minimum age for employment is 15 years; 
  • Protect all young workers (under 18) from any work that may be harmful and do not allow them to work night shifts; 
  • Not to use or support any form of forced or compulsory labor, including trafficking in human beings, labor of detainees or forced labor; 
  • Ensure that all additional work is voluntary, unless required and required by local law; 
  • Do not ask employees to hand over personal certificates or original identification documents;
  • Not to use disciplinary practices, such as financial penalties, e.g. incorrect or illegal deductions from salary; 

Harassment and discrimination

  • Do not tolerate any harassment or mental or physical abuse; 
  • Do not discriminate in employment and work practices, such as promotions, benefits and access to training.

Working time

  • Ensure that working time is in accordance with local laws, ILO Conventions or global agreements, whichever provides greater protection for the worker; 
  • It will be ensured that working time is divided, if required by local laws, into normal working hours and overtime and will not exceed the maximum limit set by local laws.


  • Comply with at least all local wage laws and regulations, including the minimum wage, overtime and benefits provided according to the country’s customs. 

1.2. The environment


Systematic environmental responsibility

  • Take a systematic approach to environmental responsibility and be well aware of the environmental impact caused by its activities; 
  • Meet all relevant environmental standards in production and products.

Risk management

  • Establish, implement and maintain a risk-based program to reduce or minimize any negative environmental impact caused by its activities.

Precautions Measures

  • Take precautions immediately when there is reason to suspect that an action may harm the environment.

 The polluter pays” principle

  • To pay any social and economic costs arising from its entities that cause damage to the environment.

Life cycle analysis

  • To know the impact on the environment of its products or services from the perspective of the life cycle..

1.3. Fighting corruption

  • Have zero tolerance for all forms of corruption, including blackmail, bribery, rewards, conflicts of interest, misappropriation of funds or nepotism / clientelism; 
  • Establish processes for preventing corruption, e.g. by implementing an anti-corruption policy and by providing appropriate training to its staff; 
  • Be aware that INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. will not accept any benefit for an employee of INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. to facilitate the commercial relations of the suppliers / customers with INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A.; 
  • To inform INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. if, related to a purchase activity, there is any form of personal relationship (family, friendship, etc.) between the person responsible for the purchases from INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A. and the representatives of the suppliers / customers involved in the procurement process.

1.4. Competition law

  • Comply with and comply with applicable competition laws and regulations and establish systems to prevent infringements of competition law.

1.5. Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing

  • Ensure the prevention of the use of one’s own business for money laundering or terrorist financing by establishing procedures for obtaining adequate information about its customers, partners and suppliers / clients and for knowing and understanding the purpose of a given business relationship.

1.6. Quality requirements

  • To meet the quality requirements recognized or contractually agreed; 
  • Ensure that quality requirements are implemented in the business processes of suppliers / customers to provide goods and services that consistently meet the needs of INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP S.A.

2. Implementation

  • All suppliers / customers are expected to accept this Supplier / Customer Code of Conduct and to ensure that their sub-suppliers / customers do the same.

3. Reporting

  • Suppliers / customers must report without delay any non-compliance with this Code of Conduct of suppliers / customers to INTERMEDIO GENERAL GRUP SA Suppliers / customers and any of their employees may report privacy issues to the email address: ro.